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Dretchroyaster (pronounced: /ˌdrɛrˈjɑːztɛrDRETCH-ro-YAZ-ter[1]), also known as Dretch, was a venerable green dragon who agreed to become a dracolich in 1365 DR.[1]


Dretch was primarily a hunter of all kinds of living beings. He liked the flesh of centaurs and considered elves an unfortunately too-rare delicacy. For the sake of his twisted humor, he would sometimes also eat treants. Unfortunately for him, Dretch relaxed too much when he ate.[1]

In a more combative situation, Dretch was a good fighter with a good sense for tactics. His primary goal was transforming himself into a spelljammer and flying into space.[1]


Dretch was first recorded in chronicles when, in the Year of Watery Graves, 1091 DR, he battled the old female black dragon Naxorlytaalsxar the Terror Tenebrous, in an aerial duel. In the so-called Battle of Falling Fishkill, Dretch accidentally poisoned Lake Sember, forcing the aquatic elves living there into exile. During this time, Dretch regularly mated with a venerable female green dragon Verthandantalynx, the Verdant Cloud, and considered her his mate.[1]

After a century-long sleep, Dretch awoke in the Year of the Snarling Dragon, 1279 DR, and decided to terrorize the region. He devastated Battledale, Tasseldale, and Featherdale in a campaign recorded in the ballad "The Clouds Came Rolling In". However, the menace seemed so great that several normally independent adventuring companies gathered to form the Crossed Swords and decided to hunt the dragon. Dretch was grievously injured by the adventurers and hid in his secret lair. The Crossed Swords could not find the lair, and so stopped the hunt.[1]

In the Year of the Crown, 1351 DR, however, the adventurers' band the Merry Marauders crossed paths with Dretchroyaster near Myth Drannor. Dretch was hunting centaurs and the adventurers managed to surprise the wyrm and inflict a major blow on him. Again he escaped into his lair but the wizard of the company cast some fire-based magic into one of the ventilation tunnels of the lair, wounding Dretch further.[1]

At that time, the wizard Larkonlan, a high-ranking member in the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell, approached the dragon, offering transformation into dracolich and a new lair. (Unknown to Dretch, it was Larkonlan who had sent the Merry Marauders.) So in the Year of the Dragon, 1352 DR, Dretchroyaster shifted his lair to Monarch's Fall Glade, the remains of an elven spelljammer discovered by some adventurers hired by the Cult. Dretch was amazed by his new lair and invested much time in modifying the surrounding terrain and studying the spelljammer. Finally, in the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, Dretch accepted transformation into a dracolich and chose the sobriquet "The Monarch Reborn".[1]

In the late 15th century DR, the Turmish wizard Imani hired adventurers to infiltrate Dretchroyaster's lair and recover the Diamond Staff of Chomylla.[2]



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