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Drider vampires were undead driders that had been infected with vampirism.[1]


Appearing similar to their once-living selves, drider vampires had clawed hands and venomous fangs that protruded from their mouths.[1]


Drider vampires combined the abilities of both a drider and the more common vampire, in that they could drain blood much like other vampires, though a few differences existed. Their bite was much more dangerous than an ordinary vampire, as they had little need to engage in grappling their victim but rather could drain their target with a single strike. A drider vampire would latch on to their opponent after successfully biting them and began draining their blood immediately. However, this attachment left the drider vampire vulnerable and unable to dodge other attacks.[1]

Furthermore, upon being struck by a drider vampire's claws, the victim would have their life force drained. This energy could be used to accelerate the healing of a drider vampire.[1]

In contrast to ordinary vampires, drider vampires could only exert mental control over spiderkind creatures. Although unintelligent creatures could not resist this compulsion, more intelligent spiderkind creatures could potentially resist a drider vampire's commands for a short while.[1]

Drider vampires were able to take on the shape of a spider of equal or smaller size and could remain in this form until the next sunrise.[1]


Drider vampires were creatures with a great loathing and hatred for all living creatures.[1]


Outcasts by virtue of their status as driders and for their vampirism, drider vampires were generally solitary entities.[1]

Notable Drider Vampires[]



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