The Driftwood Tavern was a fine inn and tavern, which also doubled as a museum, located in the Blacklake District of Neverwinter.[1]


The Driftwood Tavern was decorated with curios and relics of Neverwinter before its fall. Old statutes decorated its corners, ornate doors pulled from the wreckage doubled as fine tables, and unbroken panes of stained glass hung overhead as chandeliers. The patrons of the Driftwood Tavern believed this was a proper way to honor the past of the City of Skilled Hands.[1]


Drinks, meals, and rooms were quite expensive in the Driftwood Tavern, catering to a richer clientele than other similar establishments in Neverwinter. For the (expensive) price of a drink or two, customers could also learn about old Neverwinter from Madame Rosene, the owner.[1]


The Driftwood Tavern was built years before 1385 DR, and it survived both the Spellplague and the eruption of Mount Hotenow nearly unscathed. During the years before Dagult Neverember reclaimed Neverwinter, the Driftwood Tavern acted as a city hall of sorts.[1]

During the rule of Neverember, the Driftwood Tavern was a meeting place for members of the Graycloaks.[1]



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