The Drinker of a Thousand Lives, also called Lifedrinker, was a powerful magical sword found in the city of Ysawis in the Ruined Kingdoms of East Zakhara.[1]


Perhaps weighed down by the souls of its victims, Lifedrinker had considerable heft when held. The sword was encased in an ebony sheath. The screams from the trapped souls of countless victims could be heard every time Lifedrinker was drawn. New victims would have their dying scream added to the horrid cacophony as well.[1]


This weapon behaved like a sword of life stealing against living opponents. If used against the undead or anyone who used necromantic magic, the sword inflicted more physical harm and also acquired the properties of a sword of sharpness.[1]

If Lifedrinker was used to slay an opponent during the daytime, the wielder gained the benefits of a strength spell for one hour.[1]

The inherent evil of this weapon was cloaked from magical detection as per an item of cloaked wizardry.[1]


Though extremely useful and powerful, Lifedrinker carried a terrible curse within its sharpened steel. The sword began to confuse the wielder the longer they held the weapon. This cumulative effect would eventually make them unable to discern between friend and foe, and perhaps even to turn the blade against themselves and commit suicide if there were no enemies to strike. If the sword was ever drawn and re-sheathed without taking a life then the magically induced confusion would be twice as hard to resist the next time it was drawn.[1]


The blade was originally enchanted by the necromancer Diarbekir for his brother Kagemni. Kagameni used the sword during a battle with genies who, in their dying moments, decided to use their magic to curse the blade. Kagameni eventually slew his brother with Lifedrinker, as detailed in the Zakharan epic Kinslayer.[1]



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