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Drogan Droganson was a renowned dwarven wizard, cleric of Mystra, and secret member of the Harpers, who opened a school for adventurers after retiring from the his own adventuring life. His students included Xanos Messarmos, Mischa Waymeet and Dorna Trapspringer.


The dwarf had a braided white beard, balding hair and half moon spectacles.


Drogan spoke very little of his past life, though was known for his adventuring lifestyle and displayed many qualities associated with the northern shield dwarves. He ultimately sacrificed himself for his new apprentice which showed his deep loyalty to the Harper's cause and his students.


As well as being a member of the Harpers and a renowned wizard and cleric, he also had a passion for sharing his knowledge with new hopeful adventurers, resulting in him mentoring students in Hilltop after his retirement.


Drogan was entrusted by the Harpers to protect four magical artifacts: Belpheron's mummified hand, a dragon's tooth, a mask which once belonged to a Lord of Shadows high priest and a tower statue which was found in a desert tomb.

Drogan's home had many magical items as well, including an alchemy station called 'The Grinder' and a large laboratory which his faerie dragon familiar, Riisi, protected from intruders.


Drogan decided to settle down in Hilltop after a life of adventuring.

A kobold attack within Drogan's own home resulted in him being poisoned with a coated dagger. The artifacts he was protecting were also stolen in this attack. Ayala Windspear, a fellow Harper agent, nursed Drogan back to health over time whilst his apprentices attempted to recover the stolen artifacts.

After recovering, Drogan suggested to his apprentices to travel to the Anauroch desert in order to find someone who could identify a magical crystal found within the tower statue. Drogan teleported to his apprentices side, deep within some ruins, to help them reactivate a portal through which a mysterious woman leading a group of demonic creatures was seen entering. In the process, a trap set by the mysterious woman, caused the ruins to collapse around them. Using a magical shield, Drogan managed to save the apprentice in time for them to go through the portal but in doing so, sacrificed himself.




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