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Drow-dragons, or halfdeep dragon drow, were a very rare offshoot of the drow race.[2]


Appearing like a normal half-dragon, they had deep maroon-colored skin, black hair, and bright red eyes. They possessed clawed fingers they could fight with.[1]


Drow-dragons had good agility, but lacked wisdom.[1]

All drow-dragons had the ability to exhale a spray of gas that corroded flesh, to a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters). They could do this twice a day.[1]

Like some other half-dragons, they had unstable mixture of drow and draconic abilities, steadily losing distinct drow abilities as they aged and developing random draconic traits in their place. Depending on the individual, they might be able to detect magic at will; invoke true seeing a couple of times a day; or project a dragon's aura of fear. Alternatively, they might possess a weak form of regeneration; have superior infravision compared to a pure-blooded drow; become resilient against the effects of heat and cold; or have immunity against magical effects that charmed, put one to sleep, or held one in place.[1]


In the Underdark, drow were the only humanoid allies of the wicked deep dragons, and these drow-dragons were the rare spawn of their unions. They combined the potential for evil of both parents; it was considered the chances of one becoming disenchanted with evil and seeking goodness to be practically zero.[2]

They were extremely rare, with only two known individuals recorded in history. One was slain as a youth by jealous pure-blooded drow rivals. The other survived to adulthood and acquired much power; it was speculated it might yet live in the Underdark some place by the mid–14th century DR.[2]


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