The Drow Judicator is a special prestige class of the drow. Servants of demigod Selvetarm, to whom they must make an unholy pledge, judicators are spellcasters that have survived the vicious rites necessary to work with demons and Lolth-warped spiders. They often serve, albeit grudgingly, high-ranking priestesses of Lolth as defenders and assassins.

While at least some schooling in spellcasting is required for a drow to become a judicator, only the toughest and meanest sorcerers and wizards can survive the entry requirements.


War Strike
As Selvetarm's power comes from war, the lessons of such are the very first taught to Judicators. This culminates in an especially powerful attack they may attempt once per day.
Command Spiders
Selvatarm grants some of his Judicators the ability of command over spiders.
Selvetarm's Wrath
At higher levels, judicators are capable of another powerful attack that can be used once per day.

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