Drufi (pronounced: /ˈdrfiDROO-fee[3]) was a frost giant who led an attack on Bryn Shander sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[1]


Drufi always traveled with her two winter wolves.[1]


In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, under the orders of Jarl Storvald, Drufi led a giant contingent to Bryn Shander to search for Artus Cimber and the Ring of Winter.[1]

Around that same time, Drufi led a search party of twenty frost giants to Chult to continue searching for Artus Cimber and the Ring of Winter. The giants arrived aboard the longship Hvalspyd. Drufi's search was slow and inefficient as she needed to avoid detection by the Flaming Fists.[2]




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