A druid's cudgel was a magical club unique to the Moonshae Isles.[1]


These cudgels were the equivalent of a +1 club and could be further enchanted with a shillelagh spell (despite the normal restriction that the weapon used in the spell had to be nonmagical).[1]


The druid's cudgel could be crafted by a druid using the branch of an oak tree that was newly dead. The tree could only have been killed through natural forces (such as lightning, disease, drought, or flooding) and the dead wood must have retained its original strength. A tree that was killed by mortal hands could not be used for this purpose. On the day before the moon was full, the cudgel had to be shaved of bark and carved until completely smooth. It was then kept submerged in a Moonwell from sunset to sunrise throughout the full moon night.[1]



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