Druid grove was an abjuration spell used by druids that called upon the spirits of nature to protect an area.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

The spell affected a volume as small as a cube 30 feet (9.1 meters) on a side up to as large as a cube 90 feet (27 meters) on a side, from a point the druid touched. The affected area encompassed all natural structures, excluding buildings, and became warded by several different effects. Upon casting the spell, the druid could choose certain creatures to be immune to the effects or set a password that granted them immunity. The effects could be only affected individually by spells such as dispel magic, but never the entire spell at once. The effects included:[1]

Solid fog
Areas of the caster's choice within the warded zone became filled with thick fog that completely obscured vision and considerably impaired movement of creatures going through it. Immune creatures viewed the area as a soft mist peppered with floating sparks of green light.[1][2]
Grasping undergrowth
Areas of the caster's choice that were not filled with fog grew weeds and vines that grabbed at intruders in an effect similar to the entangle spell, restraining and slowing them down. For creatures that were immune, the vines shaped themselves as soft seats and beds.[1][3]
Grove guardians
Up to four trees inside the area awakened and became effectively mute awakened trees covered in Druidic symbols. They relentlessly defended the area against all intruders and obeyed all the caster's spoken commands. When the spell ended, the trees lost their animation and retook their roots, if possible.[1]

In addition, the caster could choose one additional effect to fill the area, such as a gust of wind in up to two locations, a spike growth in one location, or a wind wall in up to two locations. All these effects were harmless to immune creatures.[1]

The area remained warded for 24 hours, radiating a strong magical aura. If the spell was cast on the same location every day for a full year, the effects became permanent, or until dispelled.[1]

Components[edit | edit source]

The spell required verbal, somatic, and material components. The material required, which was consumed by the spell, was mistletoe that needed to be harvested with a golden sickle under the light of a full moon.[1]

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