Druidic was the secret language of druids.[1]

Speakers[edit | edit source]

All druids were taught Druidic, and they were forbidden to teach the language to anyone who was not a druid.[1]

Script[edit | edit source]

Druidic made use of its own alphabetic script.[1]

Sublanguages[edit | edit source]

Druidic was actually a language subgroup composed of two distinct but similar languages. The vast majority of druids spoke Drueidan; those from the Moonshaes spoke a language called Daelic.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Drueidan was developed by a powerful group of druids who worshiped Silvanus. Silvanus made an agreement with the other nature gods of the Faerûnian pantheon to allow druids all over Faerûn to speak it.[2]

Daelic, on the other hand, was developed by druids who worshiped the Earthmother.[2]

Examples[edit | edit source]

bakra hispul 
"bear-man of the wood"[3]

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