Druxus Rhym was the Zulkir of transmutation within the Red Wizards of Thay[1].

Physical descriptionEdit

Druxus was a skinny, stork-legged man, with a weak chin and a bulge of flab at the waist-line. Tattoos covered his body.


Druxus wore many repositories of magic, such as rings, a silver-and-obsidian amulet around his neck, even the very tattoos on his body[2].

He had only to concentrate for his magical repositories to release their magic and bestow upon him Giant's Might, turn his attackers to stone or whisk himself across the realm to a place of safety[2].


An ally of Szass Tam[3], Rhym was a major proponent of trade over isolationism in Thay.[4]


Albeit his magical prowess, Rhym was assassinated in 1375 DR by an unknown assailant in his own bedroom[5]. His replacement as Zulkir is Samas Kul.[6]


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