Duirtanal was a small town located in the middle of Semphar.[1][2]


This small town appeared sad and ugly. It sat along the banks of a small river that ran with foul, stinking water. A brown pall hung over the town, accompanied by an offensive odor.[1]


Duirtanal produced the finest leather to be found in all of Semphar, and much of the surrounding regions. Leather produced in Duirtanal, called Duir leather, was stronger and more flexible than leather found anywhere else. The secret to Duirtanal's tanning process was fiercely guarded by the guild masters.[1]

Most families in the town produced items from leather, adding their own unique designs and colors that varied from family to family.[1]


Duirtanal's Leather Market was the lifeblood of the town, driving prices and competition set by the Tanner's Guild on a daily basis.[1]



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