Dumathoin's Wrath was a powerful magic warhammer created by the Thorsamsonn Bandaerl.[1]


Sized to be wielded most efficiently by a dwarf, Dumathoin's Wrath had a solid mithral head engraved with runes that read Rukkoth Dumathoin and, in heavy mithral settings, was embedded with two diamond spikes on the top and the back of it. The shaft of the weapon was made of platinum.[1]


The magic of Dumathoin's Wrath only worked for dwarves, specifically those dwarves either descending from Clan Melairkyn who possessed a good heart, or any dwarf who worshiped Dumathoin. In the hands of anybody else, the hammer became inert and the diamonds transformed into simple steel.

When wielded by an appropriate dwarf, the hammer was a +2 weapon that softened the footsteps of the wielder for as long as they kept it in their hands. It could be accurately tossed up to 60 yards at an opponent, dealing incredible damage and was even more devastating if the target was a giant. If wielded by a good worshiper of Dumathoin, it also gained the powers of a paladin's holy avenger as well, though rather than all chaotic evil foes, it worked against all giants instead.[1]


Bandaerl crafted a new magic item every fifty years.[2] Dumathoin's Wrath was one of these items. He chose to make this weapon after first casting an augury.