Dun-Tharos was a fortress located near the center of the Rawlinswood, which was the seat of various men and women known as Nentyarchs.[1][5]

History[edit | edit source]

Construction of Dun-Tharos as a traditional citadel of black stone was completed in −970 DR over the ruins of Narathmault by Thargaun Crell, the first Nentyarch of Tharos (later Narfell). He named his realm, and his citadel, in honor of his father, who was the one to rediscover Narathmault forty-five years before.[2] Dun-Tharos saw seventeen generations of Narfelli Nentyarchs occupy it[6] before the end of the Great Conflagration in the Year of Recompense, −150 DR that destroyed the Empire of Narfell.[3]

It was not until the Year of the Last Hunt, 722 DR, when the Great Druid of Leth erected a tree-fortress around the ruins of the old citadel. The Great Druid took up the title of Nentyarch[4] and passed the title on to their successors.[1]

The Circle of Leth controlled Dun-Tharos for almost six hundred and fifty years until, on Midwinter of the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, the Chosen of Talona, known as the Rotting Man led an army of corrupted druids and volodnis to drive out the Circle.[1]

The Rotting Man killed and animated the fortress's trees and made Dun-Tharos his home. This situation lasted only sixteen months however, until the Rotting Man too was driven out. Unfortunately, the conflict that led to this occurrence, also roused the demonic energies that dwelt beneath the citadel.[5]

Still dead and rotting from the influence of Talona, the place infested with demons, Dun-Tharos became a place of immense danger, ruled by several petty demon lords[7] and their fiend-worshiping mortal cultists, the Fraternity of Tharos.[8]

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