The Dun Hills were a series of hills in Tasseldale in the Dalelands. They separated Tasseldale from Deepingdale to the west and Battledale to the north. As of 1372 DR, the hills were generally considered to be safe, containing wild ponies.[1]


Before the followers of Tyr established their abbey and the Sun Soul monks settled within,[1] the Dun Hills had been assaulted by Perytons, wyverns and rife with monsters such as trolls, goblinkin and even human raiders.[2] The presence of these spiritual-martial groups have greatly improved the hills' safety.[1]

The green dragon Sirvinhandra, who was responsible for an attack on holy fortress of Tyr, made a lair within the Dun Hills until her death in 1373 DR.[3][4]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Glaun: A bow-shaped valley nestled into the hills holds this tassel that was home to many iron-workers, blacksmiths and the Black Axe Ironworks. Despite the constant cloud of smoke that surrounded the town, its craftsmen were busy, content and wealthy with profits.[2]
  • Sun Soul Monastery: This formerly abandoned freehold found a new purpose as one of the few permanent homes of the Order of the Sun Soul monks.[1]




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