Dunbridges was a village in High Emmerock. It was located in the north-eastern Border Kingdoms.[1]


Dunbridges was located in the middle of small hills covered in verdant pastures. The village was build around several mills and this resulted in the village being saturated with millponds and springs. The village was known for its many bridges.[1]


The village was ruled by an eleven-member council and a speaker. The council was called the Mouth and was comprised of local merchants nominated by the residents of the village. Each councillor was elected to a term of three years and could only serve two consecutive terms at a time. The speaker of the council was given the title Lord of the Bridges.[1]


Dunbridges offered merchants several trade goods for export. Dunbradar cheese was made from goat's milk and nuts. The millponds and streams within the village were well stocked with fish. Dunbridges was know for it's high-quality woollen goods, especially the unique blankets weaved in the village. These blankets provided excellent camouflage due to its weave pattern and color. One of the local adventuring groups, the Merciless Manticoreslayers, distills a whisky called Slayers's Fire. It has proven popular with merchants and can be found in taverns across Faerûn.[1]


The village had a modest constabulary of a dozen men. The constabulary, called the Fingers, was led by the Lord High Protector. Defense is also provided by three local adventuring companies. The primary defensive concerns for the village were dealing with the occasional brigands and repel invasions from Thuntar, who attempt to annex the village about once every ten years.[1]


In the mid–14th century DR, the important inhabitants of the village were:[1]


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