Sultan Duncan el Ashnarti was the ruler of the city of Keltar in Calimshan as late as 1370 DR.[1]

Wealth[edit | edit source]

Duncan Ashnarti (who often dropped the article in his name to sound more like a northerner[1]), was one of the richest men in Keltar, having made his money through connections in the horse-breeding, meat-packing, and shipping industries.[2] He was the owner of a number of tanneries as well, which produced the cowhides used by the Tenassar Saddleworks.[3]

Rule[edit | edit source]

As a ruler, Duncan was a relatively good leader with no need to rely on powerful supporters to keep him in office.[2] He was receptive to input from his advisers, but he was the one in full control. He was proud of the peacefulness of his city.[1]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

A key factor in Duncan's control of Keltar was in the fact that he was also the leader of its only significant crime syndicate, the el Ashnarti family, which maintained a guild of thugs and enforcers. Having married into the el Ahimar crime family, he also connected himself into one of the "four families" of Calimshan.[4] Duncan considered the Kahmir clan his rivals.[3]

Though ordinarily men in their positions would be rivals, Duncan was a decades-long friend of the ynamalik of the shanate surrounding Keltar, Uras el Ihak, and their friendship partly explained the peace of Keltar.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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