The Dungeon Master's Guide 5th edition is the Dungeon Master's Guide for the 5th edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

Everything a Dungeon Master needs to weave legendary stories for the world’s greatest roleplaying game

The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides the inspiration and the guidance you need to spark your imagination and create worlds of adventure for your players to explore and enjoy.

Inside you’ll find world-building tools, tips and tricks for creating memorable dungeons and adventures, optional game rules, hundreds of classic D&D magic items, and much more!


  • Chapter 1: A World Of Your Own
  • Chapter 2: Creating A Multiverse
  • Chapter 3: Creating Adventures
  • Chapter 4: Creating Nonplayer Characters
  • Chapter 5: Adventure Environments
  • Chapter 6: Between Adventures
  • Chapter 7: Treasure
  • Chapter 8: Running The Game
  • Chapter 9: Dungeon Master's Workshop
  • Appendix A: Random Dungeons
  • Appendix B: Monster Lists
  • Appendix C: Maps
  • Appendix D: Dungeon Master Inspiration


Magic items
+1, +2, +3 shield+1, +2, +3 weaponadamantine armoralchemy jug+1 ammunitionamulet of healthamulet of proof against detection and locationamulet of the planesanimated shieldAnstruth harpapparatus of Kwalish+1 armorarmor of resistancearmor of vulnerabilityarrow-catching shieldarrow of slayingbag of beansbag of devouringbag of holdingbag of tricksbead of forcebelt of dwarvenindbelt of cloud giant strengthbelt of hill giant strengthbelt of fire giant strengthbelt of frost giant strengthbelt of stone giant strengthbelt of storm giant strengthberserker axeboots of elvenkindboots of levitationboots of speedboots of striding and springingboots of the winterlandsbowl of commanding water elementalsbracers of archerybracers of defensebrazier of commanding fire elementalsbrooch of shieldingbroom of flyingCanaith mandolincandle of invocationcap of water breathingcape of the mountebankcarpet of flyingcenser of controlling air elementalschime of openingcirclet of blastingCli lyrecloak of arachnidacloak of displacementcloak of elvenkindcloak of invisibilitycloak of protectioncloak of the batcloak of the manta raycrystal ballcube of forcecubic gateDaern's instant fortressdagger of venomdancing sworddecanter of endless waterdeck of illusionsdeck of many thingsdefenderdemon armordimensional shacklesDoss lutedragon scale maildragon slayerdriftglobedust of disappearancedust of drynessdust of sneezing and chokingdwarven platedwarven throwerefreeti bottleefreeti chainelemental gemelixir of healthelven chaineversmoking bottleeyes of charmingeyes of minute seeingeyes of the eaglefigurine of wondrous powerflame tongueFochlucan bandorefolding boatfrost brandgauntlets of ogre powergem of brightnessgem of seeinggiant slayerglamoured studded leathergloves of missile snaringgloves of swimming and climbinggloves of thieverygoggles of nighthammer of thunderboltshat of disguiseheadband of intellecthelm of brilliancehelm of comprehending languageshelm of telepathyhelm of teleportationHeward's handy haversackholy avengerhorn of blastinghorn of valhallahorseshoes of a zephyrhorseshoes of speedimmovable rodinstrument of the bardsIoun stoneiron bands of Bilarroiron flaskjavelin of lightningKeoghtom's ointmentlantern of revealingluck blademace of disruptionmace of smitingmace of terrorMac-Fuirmidh citternmantle of spell resistancemanual of bodily healthmanual of gainful exercisemanual of clay golemsmanual of flesh golemsmanual of iron golemsmanual of iron golemsmanual of quickness of actionmariner's armormedallion of thoughtsmirror of life trappingmithral armornecklace of adaptionnecklace of fireballsnecklace of prayer beadsnine lives stealerNolzur's marvelous pigmentsoathbowoil of etherealnessoil of sharpnessoil of slipperinessOllamh harppearl of powerperiapt of healthperiapt of proof against poisonperiapt of wound closurephilter of lovepipes of hauntingpipes of the sewersplate armor of etherealnessportable holepotion of animal friendshippotion of clairvoyancepotion of climbingpotion of diminutionpotion of fire breathpotion of flyingpotion of gaseous formpotion of giant strengthpotion of growthpotion of healingpotion of heroismpotion of invisibilitypotion of invulnerabilitypotion of longevitypotion of mind readingpotion of poisonpotion of resistancepotion of speedpotion of vitalitypotion of water breathingQuaal's feather tokenquiver of Ehlonnaring of animal influencering of djinni summoningring of elemental commandring of evasionring of feather fallingring of free actionring of invisibilityring of jumpingring of mind shieldingring of protectionring of regenerationring of resistancering of shooting starsring of spell storingring of spell turningring of swimmingring of telekinesisring of the ramring of three wishesring of warmthring of water walkingring of x-ray visionrobe of eyesrobe of scintillating coloursrobe of starsrobe of the archmagirobe of useful itemsrod of absorptionrod of alertnessrod of lordly mightrod of the pact keeperrod of resurrectionrod of rulershiprod of securityrope of climbingrope of entanglementsaddle of the cavalierscarab of protectionscimitar of speedscroll of protectionsending stonessentinel shieldshield of missile attractionslippers of spider climbingsovereign gluespell scrollspellguard shieldsphere of annihilationstaff of charmingstaff of firestaff of froststaff of healingstaff of powerstaff of strikingstaff of swarming insectsstaff of the adderstaff of the magistaff of the pythonstaff of the woodlandsstaff of thunder and lightningstaff of witheringstone of controlling earth elementalsstone of good lucksun bladesword of answeringsword of life stealingsword of sharpnesssword of vengeancesword of woundingtalisman of pure goodtalisman of the spheretalismam of ultimate eviltentacle rodtome of clear thoughttome of leadership and influencetome of the stilled tonguetome of understandingtrident of fish commanduniversal solventviscous weaponvorpal swordwand of bindingwand of enemy detectionwand of fearwand of fireballswand of lightning boltswand of magic detectionwand of magic missileswand of paralysiswand of polymorphwand of secretswand of the war magewand of webwand of wonderweapon of warningwell of many worldswind fanwinged bootswings of flying



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