Dungeon issue 127 was released in October of 2005. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Dungeon of the Crypt[edit | edit source]

By Eric L. Boyd, illustrated by Jeff Carlisle, Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti. p. 62-88

The High Hunt leaves the streets of Waterdeep and heads beneath the City of the Dead where monstrous criminal overlords compete for the favor of their mysterious master. It will take more than skill with a blade to cut through the web of deceit and treachery that surrounds the Vampire Master of Waterdeep. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dungeon of the Crypt? Part two of Vampies of Waterdeep. Module for 4 PC's of levels 12-15.

Index[edit | edit source]

Referenced only
Arklem GreethArtor MorlinBilaerus Thongolir IIClaugiyliamatarDelyn MethemarrkDhusarra yr Fadila el AbhukHalaster BlackcloakHlaavinHylla EirontalarJaluth "Snakeface" AlaerthJinglesKhelben ArunsunNain KeenwhistlerShoon VISavengriffUlguth Ilvastarr II
battle horror: "The Champion of Iltkar" • bloodbag imp • Cryptkeeper thuggrisgol: a construct composed of spent magic items, powered by a lichhalf-dragonmindcrawler: half-illithid carrion crawlermimicflying finger: necromancer knuckle swarm variant • tigershield guardian
Referenced only
Arcane BrotherhoodCompany of Crazed VenturersCryptkeepers AllianceHouse SultlueHouse ThorpMask's Conscripts • Mirrorkin of the UnseenShadow ThievesXanathar Thieves' Guild
Referenced only
Guild of Chandlers and LamplightersLords of WaterdeepLords' AllianceWatchful Order of Magists and Protectors
City of the DeadDeepwinter VaultDungeon of the CryptWaterdeep
Referenced only
Castle DaggerfordCh'ChitlDelimbiyr valleyHost Tower of the ArcaneIcewind DaleLuskanMorlin CastleNandar VillaNeverwinterNorth Ward of WaterdeepPhalantar's Philtres & ComponentsSea Ward of WaterdeepShoonachSilver MarchesSkullportSword CoastThongolir villaUndermountain
Referenced only
amulet of proof against detection and locationbelt of Iltakarclenched fist of Karlyn: an amulet of mighty fistsbattasss: an osssra oil • duthlah'hass: an osssra oil • gauntlets of Rhynda: a set of bracers of armorlaerisss: an osssra oil • mantle of Amah: a cloak of resistanceShadowstrike: a sword of subtletystaff of banishment
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