Dungeon issue 150 was released in September of 2007. It was the final print issue published. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Complete Dungeon IndexEdit

By James Jacobs and Christopher Perkins p. 100–111

A complete index of every adventure or Campaign Workbook ever run in Dungeon, plus sidebars on the ten greatest Dungeon locations and villains. [citation template]

Dungeoncraft: Designing Mysteries That LastEdit

By Wolfgang Baur, Illustrated by Kyle Hunter. p. 114–116

How to design mysteries for RPGs. [citation template]

Campaign Workbook: Wandering Monster - DhergolothEdit

By Todd Stewart, Illustrated by Julie Dillon. p. 124–125

A brief treatise on the dhergoloth. [citation template]

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