Dungeon issue 170 was released in January of 2009 in online format only. It contained the following article related to the Forgotten Realms:

Monument of the Ancients[edit | edit source]

By Brian R. James & Matt James, illustrated by Eric Belisle, Cartography by Sean MacDonald. p. 47-82
If myth and legend are to be believed, the antediluvian monument defends a region of Faerûn where the boundary between the world of Toril and the Elemental Chaos is weakest. At the monument's heart lies the Anchor of Chaos, an arcane bulwark sealing a cosmic fissure between the planes. Were the enchantment powering the Anchor to fail, the Moonsea North would stand defenseless against a full-scale invasion by forces of elemental evil. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Phlan, that day is nearly upon them.

This adventure involves a barbarian attack on the region of Moonsea North, which sent survivors into the city of Phlan. The attackers were ordered by an ancient evil, a "lost god" from Toril's past with connections to the Elemental Chaos.[citation template]

Way of the Powrie
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