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Dungeon issue 191 was released in June of 2011 in online format only. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Eye on the Realms: Jalander's Dodge[]

By Ed Greenwood, illustrated by Patrick McEvoy.

Until recently, Mathym Jalander was a merchant like many others—a harried trader, less energetic than he once was, trying to make a living in increasingly tough times by any means he could. Now he’s a hunted man, in hiding and desperate to change his name and face (the latter perhaps by use of the much-rumored “masks of living flesh,” if he can find one). [citation template]

Backdrop: Necropolis of the Sword[]

By Bruce Cordell, illustrated by Vincent Proce.

Khalusk is a buried crypt city forgotten by most of Faerûn. Exuding an air of decay and necrotic ill will, the necropolis encrusts an island located deep within a subterranean vault, surrounded by the overflow from a sunless sea.

Bestiary: Ghosts[]

By Logan Bonner, illustrated by Anne Stokes.

The souls of the dead linger on, haunting dark and lonely places. Their incomplete lives tether them to the mortal world, their spirits unable to pass through to the other side.

Bestiary: Wights[]

By Logan Bonner, illustrated by David Griffith.

The soulless, brutal wights yearn to regain the souls they lost in death. Only drawing life force from the living, watching their blood flow, and feeling their bones crunch can momentarily sate the hunger.