Dungeon issue 69 was released in July/August of 1998. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Mere of Dead Men: Slave Vats of the Yuan-tiEdit

By Jason Kuhl, Illustrated by Terry Dykstra, Cartography by Diesel. p. 10-27

This adventure is part 1 of the "Mere of Dead Men" series and involves an exploration of the Wolfhill House overlooking the Mere and encounters with the yuan-ti.[citation template]

Sleep of AgesEdit

By Eric L. Boyd, Illustrated by Stephen Schwartz, Cartography by Craig Zipse. p. 50-76

This adventure is set in the Lands of Intrigue and involves the beholders of the Lake of Steam region known as the Alimir Hive. The adventure revolves around an archeological search within the Omlarandin Mountains and a rescue mission to retrieve the gnomish scholar who went missing on the way there.[citation template]