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Dungeon issue 72 was released in January/February of 1999. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

No Stone Unturned[]

By Peter Spahn, illustrated by George Vrbanic, Cartography by Craig Zipse. p. 12-26
(AD&D® Adventure, character levels 3–5; 20 total levels). Why are zombies appearing in the streets of Jevid? You'll have to dig to find the answer.

The PCs are hired to investigate and discover the ones responsible for bringing the dead back to life in the port city of Jevid. This adventure can be adapted to the Forgotten Realms setting, with the adventure location placed in the Pirate Isles or somewhere along the rocky coastline of Turmish. The fictional organization Osani replaced with the Zhentarim. And original deities Telluri, Onadar, and Payanel replaced with Waukeen, Cyric, and Ilmater respectively.

Mistress on the Mere[]

By Paul Culotta, illustrated by Terry Dykstra, Cartography by Diesel.. pp. 58–77 [citation template]
(AD&D FORGOTTEN REALMS® Adventure, character levels 5–7; 30 total levels). The fate of brave heroes is written in the stars. The fourth module of the Mere of Dead Men series.



Adele AstrolaraAlmeiraBasheebaBernadetteCarniceDanielleDatouEmilyFeldus CrawleyHarold KettermanHelenHendrisHirakkalaJakus McFeeJulianneKristalMelissaPernasiaRhodaRizmetRoniShadraSir Justin MelenikusZorien
Referenced only: EldathHelmMyrkul


battle horrorbullywugeblisgiant leechlizardmenpenanggalanosprey • poisonous snakeravenquickwoodshambling moundvampiregiant waspwatchghostzombie


Academy of StargazersZhentarim
Referenced only: Lords of Waterdeep


Buildings & Structures
Castle Naerytar
Referenced only: Holt HouseIniarv's TowerMornhaven TowersWolfhill House
High Road
Referenced only: IlluskLeilonLuskanWaterdeep
Mere of Dead Men


Eye of Myrkul


bag of transmutingbracers of defensebuckle knifecube of frost resistanceFarseer of Illuskgauntlets of ogre powerhair brooch of superior protectionring of fire resistance(toe) ring of mind shieldingring of Myrkulring of protectionring of spell storingrobe of protectionrod of alertnesswand of firewand of magic missileswand of paralyzationwand of secret door and trap location
extra healinghealingflying
dispel evil