The Dungeon of the Hark is located beneath the ruined village of Moorsedge, so named for its location on the northern edge of the High Moor. Very little is left of the village save a few stones, bits of masonry and what is left of an iron statue of some grand king or lord that has, over time, lost its head and arms.

Several holes and pits lead into various warrens and vast network of interconnecting tunnels that house most of The Hark's lycanthropic brood and his bandit subordinates. The tunnels go deep enough to reach the Underdark where they connect with the Flayer's Corridor, a region of the Underdark inhabited by the Illithid.

In 1372 DR the Red Fellowship attacked the Dungeon of the Hark in response to increased raids from The Hark's followers. The Fellowship killed most of its inhabitants and looted anything of value. The Hark at the time escaped into an adjoining underground outpost where he met his end at the hands of the Order of the Jade Blade who were acting as the Fellowship's rearguard.


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