Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder is a game available for the Game Boy Advance only. It is not the same as the classic computer game, Eye of the Beholder.


The Game Boy Advance game is not a direct port of the original game. Only some features are very similar, such as the story. However, the combat system is much more like the older Pool of Radiance game, instead of first-person dungeon combat.[1]

The game essentially uses a stripped down version of the 3rd-edition D&D rules, instead of the 2nd-edition rules. It features only four classes (wizard, fighter, cleric, rogue), instead of the standard six (including ranger and paladin). However, the console game has an extra race to play, the half-orc. There can be up to six party members, meaning multiples of each class have to be taken.[1]

The game does, however, have 3rd-edition social interactions, such as diplomacy, which can be used when interacting with NPCs.[1]




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