Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 1 is the first collection of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series set in the Forgotten Realms, published by IDW Publishing.

The classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons series returns! This action-packed volume collects the first eight issues of the fan-favorite series by writer Dan Mishkin and artist Jan Duursema.


  1. "The Gathering"
  2. "The Bounty Seekers Of Manshaka"
  3. "The Secret of Selûne's Eye"
  4. "Sorcerer's Moon"
  5. "The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 1—The Spirit of Myrrth"
  6. "The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 2—Beneath the City of the Dead"
  7. "The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 3—Showtime! Or, Revenge of the Living Monologue"
  8. "The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 4—Die Laughing"

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An ancient evil rises and once again evil threatens the Realms, and only a motley band of adventurers can stop it.

A surly dwarven warrior and his benevolent centaur companion, a gladiator who survived the arena, a fallen paladin, and a timid half-elf must somehow find a way to work together if the Realms are going to survive the coming darkness.

This action-packed volume collects the first time the fan-favorite series by writers Michael Fleisher (Jonah Hex) and Dan Mishkin (Blue Devil) and artist Jan Duursema (Star Wars: Legacy).


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