Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 3 is the third collection of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series set in the Forgotten Realms, published by IDW Publishing.

The adventures of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons continue with issues #19–26 and the 1990 Annual #1.

Issues[edit | edit source]

  1. Phases of the Moon: First Quarter—Selune Rising
  2. Phases of the Moon: Second Quarter—Dark of the Moon
  3. Phases of the Moon: Third Quarter—Lunatics
  4. Phases of the Moon: Fourth Quarter—Total Eclipse
  5. Annual 1990
  6. Lawyers!
  7. Scavengers I—Scavengers
  8. Scavengers II—Predators
  9. Scavengers III—Survivors

Back cover[edit | edit source]

Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 3 includes the four-part story "Phases of the Moon" where Selune, Goddess of the Moon, arrives in Waterdeep, the one issue "Lawyers" involving Onyx the dwarf, and the threepart story "Scavengers" which recounts the quest of Timoth the Centaur and Vajra against a fire-breathing dragon.

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