The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is a boxed set for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is intended for new players, and contains a booklet of basic rules and an adventure.

The D&D Essentials Kit is a new introductory product meant to bring D&D to audiences interested in jumping into a fantasy story. This box contains the essentials you need to run a D&D game with one Dungeon Master and one to five adventurers. A newly designed rulebook on-boards players by teaching them how to make characters, and the included adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak, introduces a new 1-on-1 rules variant.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Essentials Kit Rulebook

A 64-page booklet containing a basic set of rules for adventurers levels 1–5.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Creating a Character
  • Chapter 2: Playing the Game
  • Chapter 3: Equipment
  • Chapter 4: Spells
  • Appendix A: Sidekicks
  • Appendix B: Conditions
Dragon of Icespire Peak

A 64-page adventure booklet.

  • Running the Adventure
  • Axeholm
  • Butterskull Ranch
  • Circle of Thunder
  • Dragon Barrow
  • Dwarven Excavation
  • Falcon's Hunting Lodge
  • Gnomegarde
  • Icespire Hold
  • Logger's Camp
  • Mountain's Toe Gold Mine
  • Shrine of Savras
  • Tower of Storms
  • Umbrage Hill
  • Woodland Manse
  • Ending the Adventure
  • Creatures

Index[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Adabra GwynnAlfonse KalazornAnder • Anverth • Brakkis Elspaar • Caramip • CorwinCryovainDabbledobDaggermawDazlyn Grayshard • Delebean • DimbleDobin NorethDon-Jon RaskinDonnabella FiascoDrethnaElmar BarthenGnerkliFacktoréGrannocFalcon the HunterFibblestibFlenzGalandro LunaGaraeleGorthokHalia ThorntonHarbin WesterInverna NightbreezeJabarl the Orc-Biter • Jabby • JoybellKorbozLinene GraywindMoeskoNaruxNib AddlespurNorbus Ironrune • Nyx • Pallabar • PananaPellPetuniaPickled PetePogQuinn Hightopple • Quippy • Ruby HammerwhackerRuna VokdottirShanjan KwanSyleen WintermoonTalon ThornwildTervaroundThistleTibor WesterToblin StonehillUllaUppendownVyldaraXanthYargathZeleen Varnaster • Zook
Referenced only
AzdrakaDelsendra AmzarrKraMiraalTanamere Alagondar

Creatures[edit | edit source]

anchorite of Talosankhegbansheeblight (needletwigvine)boarcarrion crawlercentaurcowdragondwarf (shield dwarf)) • elf (sea elf)ghoulgiant crabgiant ratgiant spidergnome (rock gnome)halflinghalf-orcharpyhorsehumaninvisible stalkermanticoremimicmoon elfochre jellyogreorcpigshark (hunter shark)stirgewill-o'-wispwereratyoung white dragon
Referenced only
green dragon • human (Netherese)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Buildings & Sites
Barthen's ProvisionsButterskull RanchCircle of ThunderDragon BarrowFalcon's hunting lodgeIcespire Hold • logger's camp • Mountains' Toe gold minedwarven excavationPhandalin Miner's ExchangeShrine of Luckshrine of SavrasStonehill InnTower of StormsTownmaster's HallWoodland Manse
Kryptgarden ForestNeverwinter Wood
Hills & mountains
CragsIcespire PeakStarmetal HillsSword MountainsUmbrage Hill
Sword CoastSword Coast North
High RoadTriboar Trail
Mere of Dead Men
Triboar Trail
Referenced only
Baldur's GateDelzounMount HotenowTriboarYartar

Magic[edit | edit source]

boots of elvenkindcloak of billowingcloak of many fashionsclockwork amuletdragon slayerdread helmdust of disappearancegauntlets of ogre powergoggles of night • • hat of wizardryimmovable rodlute of illusionsmystery keynecklace of fireballspole of collapsingsending stonestaff of birdcallswand of pyrotechnicswand of secrets
potion of greater healingpotion of healingpotion of invulnerabilitypotion of water breathing
acid splashaidarcane lockaugurybeacon of hopeblessblightblinding smiteblindness/deafnessblinkblurburning handscharm personcommandcomprehend languagescrusader's mantlecure woundsdancing lightsdarknessdetect lifedetect magicdisguise selfdispel magicdivine favorfaerie firefearfeather fallfireballfire boltflaming sphereflyguidanceguiding bolthastehealing wordhold personidentifyinflict woundsinvisibilityknocklesser restorationlevitatelightlightning boltlongstridermage armormage handmagic missilemagic weaponmajor imagemass healing wordmendingminor illusionmisty steppoison sprayprestidigitationray of frostremove curseresistancerevivifysacred flamesanctuarysendingshattershieldshield of faithshocking graspsilencesilent imagesleepspider climbspirit guardiansspiritual weaponsuggestionthaumaturgythunderwavevicious mockerywarding bondweb
wild magic

Misc[edit | edit source]

Three-Dragon Ante
Gulthias tree
Golden GullOrcaSea UrchinStar-Crossed LoverVainglory

Organizations[edit | edit source]

HarpersLionshield CosterStone-Cold ReaversWhiskered GangZhentarim

Religion[edit | edit source]


Appendix[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Connections[edit | edit source]

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