Duo-dimension was a common spell used by wizards across Faerûn and by wu jen in Kara-Tur.[7][4]


The spell created a form of invisibility by altering the caster's dimensions so only their height and width were visible, essentially turning the caster into a two-dimensional being. This unique form of invisibility was detectable by only a true seeing spell. The alteration was physical so a caster was able to travel though extremely narrow spaces, depending on the height of the caster. The spell did not limit the movement or abilities of the caster.[7][2][4]

When the caster was visible from the side, they were vulnerable to attack. When a caster used this spell, a portion of their spirit was partitioned onto the Astral Plane and was vulnerable to creatures of that plane. As such, there was always a risk the spirit of the caster would be pulled completely into the Astral Plane.[7][2][4]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required material components: a piece of the finest ivory in the likeness of the caster, studded with gems and lined with gold worth between 500 gp and 1000 gp, and a piece of regular parchment. As the caster uttered the verbal component of the spell, the parchment was joined at both ends that created a loop and the caster passed the ivory figurine through the loop. This spell was quite expensive since both material components disappeared on successful casting of the spell.[7][2][4]


The Netherese arcanist Quantoul was given the credit for the creation of this spell in 1834 NY (−2025 DR). It was originally known as Quantoul's flat body.[1][9]



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