Dura's Vale was a vale located in the Brynwood forest in the Vast. It laid approximately 26 miles (41 kilometers) from Sevenecho and a league (5.5 kilometers) southeast of the Misty Vale.


The ranger Dura Gerathu lived in the vale, and so the vale was named for him.

On the 29th of Eleasis of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, members of the Vipers bandits followed Dura to his home in the vale and surprised him in his cabin. There they murdered him for his discovery of the Vipers' Nest and robbed his valuables, leaving his cabin open to the elements.

Two sprites later reported Dura's death to the Green Lady, a friend of Dura.


The ranger Dura Gerathu lived in the vale until his death


Dura's Vale was a little bowl-shaped valley with a small lake, which was filled with carp. An overgrown but still usable path led down into the vale and towards Dura's log cabin. This was a single-room structure with shuttered windows and fireplace.[1]


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