Dura Gerathu was a male ranger who lived in the Brynwood forest in the Vast in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Gerathu met Cedric Ravajar, leader of the Red Brigade mercenaries, while they conducted a scouting expedition in Brynwood.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Dura was asked by Randolph dul Umast, high priest of Tymora in the hamlet of Sevenecho, to locate the hideout of the Vipers band of bandits. He searched for several months with little success, until finally on Eleasias 28 he located the tracks of Calispar Delgorth and Autton Shadowshroud. He followed these and discovered the Vipers' Nest in the Brynwood, in a dead-magic zone he had heard about but not visited. He observed the place and Viper activities for two days, and told what he found to his friend, a druid known only as The Green Lady of Misty Vale.[1]

He returned to his cabin in Brynwood and composed a letter about his findings for his falcon Gale to deliver to Umast. However, Cedric—now leader of the Vipers—had spotted and recognized Dura and sent Calispar and his bandits to eliminate him. Dura was surprised in his cabin and murdered, his valuables robbed, and his letter burned. However, a fragment miraculously survived. Two sprites reported Dura's death to the Lady.[1]


Dura had a trained falcon named Gale.

He lived in a single-room log cabin located in Dura's Vale in Brynwood.[1]


Dura was close friends with the Lady of Misty Vale.[1]



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