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Durmista was a duchy of Tethyr only in name. It was the eastern half of the elven territory of the great Wealdath forest.[2]


The name "Durmista" was Elvish for "Forest of Twilight". Its former name was briefly Suldusk after the name of its native wild elven tribe; however, it was renamed Durmista by Lord Rhothomir, the Treespeaker of the Wealdath.[2]


The official borders of Durmista placed it east of its sister duchy Noromath, south of Amn, and north of the Starspire Mountains. It shared borders with Spellshire, Varyth, and Rivershire.[3] Notably, the elves cared little for such human distinctions.[4]


In 1370 DR, Mirthal Aendryr was the official representative of the Suldusk tribes to the queen. Mirthal usually lived at Suldanessellar, but when he had to host a human noble, he would use the old safe house of the Company of Eight, The Eight's Tree as his ducal stronghold.[2]

Notable Locations[]

The only true settlement within the eastern part of the forest was found in Suldanessellar.[2]


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