Durpari was a regional tongue of Southeast Faerûn and the official language of the Durpari Kingdoms.[1]


Durpari was spoken in Durpar, Estagund, Var the Golden, and Veldorn,[1] and was the primary language in those kingdoms.[2] Other places it was commonly spoken included the Golden Water, Luiren, Mulhorand, Nimbral, the Shaar, and among Shou expatriates in Faerûn.[3]


Like many human languages, Durpari used the Thorass alphabet,[1] which the Durpari people adapted from the west.[4]

Related LanguagesEdit

While an Imaskari language,[5][6] Durpari was strongly influenced by Draconic and by Mulhorandi and other Rauric languages.[4]

Some scholars divided Durpari into three sub-languages—Alarric, (the primary version of the language spoken in Durpar, Estagund, and Var,[7]) Raurindi, and Devic. Alarric was further subdivided into the Shining and Desert dialects.[5] A creole of Durpari, Durpari-Shaartan Patois,[7] was spoken in the eastern Shaar.[5]


Common Durpari surnames included Beszrizma, Datharathi, Melpurvatta, Nalambar, Saqarastar, and Tiliputakas. Males might be named Charva, Duma, Hukir, Jama, Kilimut, Oskut, Pradir, Rajaput, or Sikhil, while women had names like Apret, Bask, Erilet, Fanul, Hist, Mokat, Nismet, Ril, or Tiket.[8]




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