The Dusk Ports were a collection of seemingly free trade cities on the western shores of the Dragon Sea. In reality, they were vassal states to the green dragon Orlarrakh.[1]


The Dusk Ports were located on the western shore of the Dragon Sea.


  • Dusklan—A city of racial diversity that harbored escaped slaves, if only to use them as sacrifices to Orlarrakh.[1]
  • Lylorn—The dominant Dusk Port as of 1479 DR. Lylorn boasted the most far-reaching trade network and the most aggressive sailors.[2]
  • Marrauk—A bleak and wind-scoured city in an equally desolate hillside, it featured a busy shipping trade and a fiercely defiant government.[2]
  • Mreyelundar—A city of lawlessness and home of the strange Order of the Dawn. It was the most actively anti-draconic of the five cities.[2]
  • Tarsith—A calm fishing community known for their exports of rock crabs and fine sailing equipment.[2]


Although in appearance each port was an independent and self-ruling state, rival to each other and never cooperating in anything, in reality all ports were under the thumb of Orlarrakh, the Green Duchess, who in turn was a vassal of the ruler of Melabrauth.[1]


All cities of the Dusk Ports were rivals of those of the Windrise Ports, not only because those cities were also trade ports, and therefore commercial rivals, but also because the Dusk Ports employed pirates, a practice frowned upon in the Windrise Ports.[3]

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