Dusk elves were a subset of elves that took no side in the War of the Seldarine. Gaining the enmity of Corellon, these elves were accepted and sheltered from the Protector's vengeance by Sehanine Moonbow.[3]

Notable Dusk Elves[edit | edit source]

The Velikovnas were a family of dusk elves that inhabited Barovia. Among their number were Patrina Velikovna, one of Strahd von Zarovich's former brides who haunted the catacombs of Castle Ravenloft as a banshee, and her brother, Kasimir Velikov.[6][7]

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  1. In their original appearance in Winning Races: Dusk Elf, dusk elves were described as pale-skinned and fair-haired, but their more recent description on page 119 of Curse of Strahd refers to them as dark-skinned and dark-haired.

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Curse of Strahd
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