Dusklan was a port city and a member of the confederation of the Dusk Ports on Laerakond.[1]


Dusklan was the most racially diverse of the Dusk Ports, having citizens of a variety of races, even orcs. Dusklan also boasted kinship to escaped slaves, who composed most on the inhabitants of the city. However, most of the time the escaped slaves were used to appease the wrath of the green dragon Orlarrakh.[1]

Dusklan was reputed to be the merriest of the Dusk Ports. Locals enjoyed feasting, dancing, singing, theater, and public pranks. Thefts and tavern brawls were common, but murder, kidnapping, and arson were almost unheard of.[1]


Dusklan was ruled by a Duspranar, a magistrate who issued decrees, and passed sentences in trade disputes and matters of justice. Usually, a new Duspranar was chosen after Orlarrakh visited the city. Suchs visits were infrequent and the green dragon rarely stay long enough to eat more than a few unlucky citizens.[1]


Dusklan was the center for counterfeiting in Laerakond. Those who could pay for such services usually went to Dusklan to get false identities or false coins, the local specialty.[1]



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