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A dust mephit was a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Air[3] or Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust.[4]


A dust mephit was about four feet (120 centimeters) tall and weighed a couple pounds (about one kilogram).[3] They had rough gray skin, which seemed to produce dust and grit constantly as they moved.[2] Like all mephits, dust mephits were impish in appearance and had wispy wings.[3]


Dust mephits typically seemed sorrowful[3] and irritable.[2]


Dust mephits could heal themselves as long as they were in a dusty, dry environment. They had the ability to breathe a conical cloud of irritating particulates, which could cause burning eyes and itching skin in victims. They also had the innate power to surround themselves with a blurring cloud of dust about once every hour or to call forth a powerful wall of roiling dust once per day.[3] They were immune to the effects of fire or poisons.[2]


When forced to fight, these mephits were exceptionally persistent and would rarely ever retreat,[2] biting and clawing and injuring opponents with their breath.[3]


Dust mephits preferred living in places that were arid, such as deserts or old, abandoned buildings.[2]



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