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Dust of disappearance was a magical substance that could be used to turn a number of creatures temporarily invisible.[1][7][4]


Dust of disappearance resembled very fine metallic dust.[8] It was common for it to be found in small silk[4][7] packets or pouches[9] that contained enough of it for a single use. It was also known to be stored in bone tubes.[4][7] The powder resembled fine sand,[1] and appeared to be metallic and fine.[4][7]


Upon throwing the dust up in the air, it rendered all creatures and objects within a 10‑foot (3‑meter) radius invisible for a few minutes.[1] The magical powder allowed these creatures and their items to bend and reflect light, and they were unable to be detected by even magical means.[4] For each individual creature, the invisibility could be cut short if the subject cast a spell or performed an attack or aggressive action.[1]

The effect resembled the greater invisibility spell, and could not even be detected by magical means such as see invisibility or invisibility purge.[6]

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