A dust para-genasi, was a sub-race of the genasi. It was a para-genasi, meaning that it was descended from two different elemental outsiders, namely an outsider of elemental air and an outsider of elemental earth, forming para-elemental dust.


These smart but often-sarcastic folk had a tendency toward the bleak and macabre, with a morbid interest in death and decay made them less than popular with others. They invariably wore dark or black attire, often even wearing funeral vestments or the like, no matter how inappropriate this might be. Though usually neutral in outlook, they had a slight inclination towards chaos. Most lived as rogues.


Dust para-genasi were bony and gaunt of build, with pale skin and dark circles under their eyes. Most of them had traits like dehydrated skin or a cloud of dust about them that came from their mixed ancestry. Though a nimble breed, they were often in poor health. They did not breathe.


They possessed a natural defense against dust-oriented spells. Once a day, they had the ability to call a cloud of dust to their aid, that concealed them from view and forced others into coughing fits.[1]





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