The Dusty Rat portal was an odd portal from Amn.[4]


The Dusty Rat portal was a 10-feet-by-10-feet (3-meters-by-3-meters) square portal.[2] It did not have the normal shape, a circle, but a square was not unheard of.[1]


The Dusty Rat portal was a creature-only one-way portal that transported people from the Dusty Rat bar in Athkatla to a tower somewhere on the Dragon Coast where the vampire Theserin lived.[3] One-way meant people could not use the portal to get back after they reacedh the destination and creature-only meant that it transported only creatures to its destination. Clothing and other equipment was not transported.[5] Those fell on the ground at the origin point in the cellar of the Dusty Rat bar.[2]


The portal was discovered by Baldy Spryth, the owner of the Dusty Rat bar, in the cellar of his own bar. He had no idea about its destination and hired a fighter and wizard to investigate where it went. They disappeared and left all of their equipment behind. While Baldy Spryth still lacked the knowledge about the portal's destination, after seeing that both the fighter and wizard did not return, he concocted a money-making scam. He spread the rumor that he had a portal to another dimension, which people could use for fee. Those people disappeared and Baldy Spryth made money by selling off their equipment and became rich.[2]


Baldy Spryth spread the rumor that he owned a portal to another dimension. However, it was quite an obscure rumor.[2]

Notable OwnersEdit

As mentioned above, the portal was owned by Baldy Spryth who had no idea where it led.[2] On the other side, there was the vampire Theserin who killed people who came through it.[3]


See AlsoEdit

  • Destiny: A cleric of Fharlanghn who created the undead to carry people into the portal.[2]
  • Scales: A fighter who worked as Baldy Spryth's bouncer, he was in the know about the portal.[2]


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