Dwarfhome is a lawful good-aligned astral dominion, home to the god Moradin and his wife, the goddess Berronar. Formerly located on Mount Celestia, on its fourth layer Solania, it was the home of the dwarven pantheon. Since the Spellplague it has floated freely in the Astral Sea like all dominions.

Moradin makes his domain, with his wife Berronar Truesilver and the other dwarven deities in A vast dwarven mansion called Erackinor located on the slopes of Solania. Here exists the giant Soul Forges, that Moradin is said to use to temper the spirits of his people. Solania, the fourth layer, is also called The Crystal Heaven. Many valleys comprise Solania, covered with luminescent fogs and strange scents. The peaks are homes to numerous holy shrines, including monasteries and magnificent cathedrals. Many of the slopes are rich in precious ores and minerals and are mined by populations of dwarves that reside there.




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