It takes most adventurers in the Realms a lifetime to learn more than a handful of the secrets of the dwarves.

The seeking cost some their lives.

But Elminster's agreed to change all that.

Welcome to Dwarves Deep.
Welcome to the secrets of the dwarves.

This sourcebook is one of a series that belongs on the bookshelf of any dungeon master exploring the rich lands (and dark under-realms) of the Forgotten Realms. It presents an introduction to the Deep Folk of Faerûn, three unique races of dwarves. Virtually all of the famous "dungeons" of the Realms, explored by adventurers seeking treasure, magic, and lore, were built—and in most cases, once occupied—by the dwarves. Learn their ways and unlock their secrets.
In the pages of Dwarves Deep, readers will find:

  • Dwarven spells of earth and fire,
  • Dwarven magical items of rare quality and power,
  • Details of the dwarven language, their names and runes,
  • Details of dwarven clans, priesthoods, and adventuring brotherhoods,
  • Details of dwarven lands and settlements, including the fabled riches, ways, and armies of the Great Rift, the Deeps, and the Lost Kingdoms,
  • New monsters and notes on dwarven halfbreeds and the special powers wielded by dwarven High Old Ones,
  • Special metals and alloys used by the dwarves to hone the blades that slay their enemies,
  • Dwarven beards...and much, much more![3]


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Ansal ThundermaceAnthion SunderaxeArtham "Darksmite" EvercloakAungeiril WhitehawkBlithkarr TouchstoneDunderlau BloodaxeGnarlgar "Halfgnome" FlamebeardHaraura ShimmerhandHauroch "Swordbeard" DeathhammerHelarn HammerbloodMariachor "Bladebeard"Muragh ThomadorOlorn RidaugaurRathauna ForgesilverSnorogh BlackhelmSondaerl ThunadorThungalos TruetemperTorg mac CeiUranda Rythyn
Referenced only
AdbarrunsAmatarAnarokAzkuldarBolhurDauringoghDaurvos FrostbeardDeep DuerraDurlagEmbryn Shattered-shieldGhaurinHelmmaNilythra NamarforgeOlaurinOrligrimm StormbeardOrloebarRaulauntarRelavirTammas ForkbeardThelarn SwifthammerThordbard FirebeardTorghatarTorhild FlametongueTurgo Ironfist


Clan BelindornClan BlackhelmClan BladebiteClan BloodaxeClan BreakadderClan CrownshieldClan DeathhammerClan EvercloakClan FlamebeardClan ForgesilverClan GemscepterClan GhalkinClan GordrivverClan HammerbloodClan MalthinClan MastemyrClan RidaugaurClan RythynClan ShimmerhandClan SorndarClan SunderaxeClan TalnothClan ThomadorClan ThunadorClan ThundermaceClan TouchstoneClan TruetemperClan UndurrClan VelmClan WhitehawkClan Zord
Referenced only
Clan DeepdelveClan FlametongueClan FoehammerClan ForkbeardClan FirebeardClan FrostbeardClan HillsafarClan IronfistClan IronstarClan NamarforgeClan StormbeardClan Swifthammer


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