The Dweomerkeeper is a special prestige class for worshipers of Mystra. They serve the Lady of Mysteries by tending to the Weave and help aid Mystra and her clergy in increasing the use of magic across the Realms. Dweomerkeepers form a powerful connection with the Weave, losing their ability to ever call upon the power of the Shadow Weave.[1]


Weave Focus
A Dweomerkeeper cannot tap the Shadow Weave, but he finds it easier to cast his spells due to his connection to the Weave.[2]
Mantle of Spells
A Dweomerkeeper can convert divine or arcane spells he has access to into a favorite spell, much like clerics can.[2]
Cloak of Mysteries
A Dweomerkeeper of great power is sheathed in magic, allowing him to cast metamagic abilities far easier than normal.[2]