Dyerwaen was a unique, +2 non-intelligent chaotic good magical broadsword from ancient Myth Drannor, which aided its wielder when traveling through forested areas. Despite having no sentience, it was regarded as possessing a chaotic good alignment.[1]


The sword Dyerwaen was a fine steel broadsword with the etching of a rose along its blade and a hilt wrapped tightly with green velvet. When drawn in forest settings, the sword's wielder was magically camouflaged, appeared more charming to elves and fey creatures and, when so desired, could radiate light 10' (3 m) outward from the blade. In addition, Dyerwaen would always point true north when suspended from a rope, granted insight in tracking animals and discerning weather patterns to its wielder and, upon uttering a selected command word, allowed them to speak with plants or gain invisibility to animals as per the respective spells.[1]


The sword nicknamed the Forester's Friend was forged by the gray elves of Myth Drannor, during the years when men first forayed into the region that would come to be known as the Dalelands. It was gifted to the patriarch of the first human settlement, Torek Graybeard, as a memento of the growing friendship between the two races. After Torek's death, the blade was passed down to his nephew Tireen, who bore it for six years until his untimely disappearance after an excursion out hunting.[1]

Dyerwaen reappeared generations later, during the mid–14th century, in the possession of a band of goblin raiders. After the creatures were killed by a group of adventurers, the blade was taken to an auction house in Cormyr where it was sold, and while en route to being delivered, stolen by thieves. Its whereabouts after the heist continue to be unknown.[1]



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