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Dynaheir was a young invoker in the wychlaran of Rashemen who traveled far west from her homeland to the Sword Coast in the mid-14th century DR. She was not alone on this journey, rather was accompanied by her berserker bodyguard Minsc and his hamster Boo.[1]


Dynaheir was very confident, self-assured and possessed the sensibility of someone who lived long before her time. She could be very demanding of her companions, especially Minsc.[1]


In addition to being a skilled invoker, Dynaheir possessed the innate spell-like ability to slow poison.[1]


Although she respected Minsc, and he in turn proved his loyalty and dedication as her protector, she did doubt his sanity at times. She felt he was decidedly over protective at times.[1]


Little was known about Dynaheir's past, other than she was originally from Rashemen and left the eastern realm for the West Faerûn alongside her bodyguard Minsc. The two traveled together for some time, making it all the way to the Sword Coast. At the same time, Dynaheir was being hunted by a conjurer from the Red Wizards of Thay named Edwin Odesseiron.[1]

Some time in the year 1368 DR, Dynaheir and Minsc became separated in their journey and the witch of Rashemen was taken captive by a band of gnolls. They took the young wychlaran to their stronghold west of the Bear River in the region of Amn north of the Cloud Peaks. Minsc tracked her location and recruited a group of adventurers in the small town of Nashkel. Among those aiding the Rashemi berserker was Gorion's Ward.[1]

The group set out, and after a short journey, set Dynaheir free from her bondage. Although it was unknown if she was present when the Bhaalspawn Sarevok was thwarted in the Undercity beneath Baldur's Gate, or during Caelar Argent's siege of Dragonspear Castle,[2] but Dynaheir continued venturing forth with her rescuers, and Minsc of course, into the next year.[1]

In 1369 DR as Dynaheir, Minsc, Gorion's ward and their fellow companions Imoen, Khalid and Jaheira were traveling further south into Amn, they were ambushed and imprisoned by the disfigured mage, Jon Irenicus. It was unknown if she fell during the initial battle, or while Irenicus was subjecting them to hours of experimentation and torture, but Dynaheir died in the dungeon beneath the city of Athkatla.[3]






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