Dynloch Pass was a pass through the Synnorian Mountains in central Gwynneth in the Moonshae Isles, connecting Myrloch Vale to the main body of Corwell. It exited the mountains on the south side near Freeman's Down. It was close to, and might join into, Synnoria.[1]


It lay very high in the mountains, and its approaches were winding and hidden, making it little-known to all but the local druids, dwarves, and Llewyrr elves.[2]


The pass and the lands around were once tended by the druid Gwendolynn, but she was killed in the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR by Trahern while he was laying a trail for the invading Northmen.[2]

The pass was subsequently used by Grunnarch the Red, the Bloodriders, and accompanying Northmen and firbolg armies in an attempt to split Corwell in two and intercept refugees fleeing from eastern villages.[2] It took them two days to traverse the pass.[3]



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