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A hand of blood and bone guides your actions, and while the light is served, so too is the hungry skull.
— The Oracle of the Moon[1]

Dyrl Godsword was a human mystic and secret cultist of Cyric active in Neverwinter in the late 15th century DR.[1]


He was charismatic and manipulative, and had a flair for the theatrical in how he spoke.[1]


Dyrl had the ability to project a spectral image of himself all across the Sword Coast North from his home in the Protector's Enclave of Neverwinter. This image could converse seemingly freely with anyone, but he chose to only reveal it to those of strong religious faith in order to manipulate them.[1]


Dyrl claimed to be a spiritual conduit for any and all good deities. He would prey upon the faith of particularly devout individuals, especially clerics, and claim to bring them instructions and wisdom from the gods. He would push more powerful individuals to take on seemingly divinely ordained missions that in fact were beneficial to his quest for power or were otherwise designed to undermine Cyric's rivals.[1]


Sometime in the mid-to-late 15th century, Dyrl found or created a cavern beneath his home in the Protector's Enclave from which to worship Cyric in secret. By the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, Dyrl's claims to be a conduit for benevolent gods had amassed a small following in Neverwinter. Around this time, he made contact with devoted clerics of goodly gods to encourage them to undermine various rivals of Cyric in the region under the guise of asking them to fight against evil. The tasks he called for included killing a warrior of Gruumsh named Gruuman Xuluksh in the Neverwinter Tower District, assisting a Helmite priest to undermine Asmodeus worshipers in Helm's Hold, and aiding a Selûnite oracle in fending off intrusions by Shar in Neverwinter Wood.[1]

Dyrl began attracting suspicion not long afterward when some of his followers began disappearing, and then especially when one of them was discovered dead and priests of Kelemvor found that they could not contact the deceased's soul. Sargent Alphonse Knox of the Neverwinter Guard and Aralynn the Pious of Tyr recruited a powerful cleric to investigate Dyrl, who immediately showed his true colors as a worshiper of Cyric.[1]



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Dyrl Godsword was involved in storylines for the Devoted Cleric player class in Neverwinter.