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Dzalmus, also known as dzalmaus dragons,[2] were three-headed dragons native to the Hordelands. Their cruel hunting habits and voracious appetite made them the bane of barbarians living in the region.[1]


Dzalmus had flatter and longer bodies than other dragons, from atop which their three long necks smoothly jutted out. They had dun-colored, yellow to sandy brown scales. Their small wings were thin and leathery and their tails were wedge-shaped.[1]


Dzalmus only sought to establish lairs at an older age. They preferred to spend their youth roaming and hunting, and looked for lairs in areas with abundant food sources.[1]


Experts at hiding among tall grass, dzalmus preferred ambushing their foes. When fighting, they usually started with surprise attacks, engaging as many simultaneous opponents as possible. Although their small wings were not powerful enough to use for attack, their three heads provided a significant advantage. Their breath weapon was a cloud of life-draining gas that only one head could breathe at any given time.[1]


Dzalmus tended to live solitary lives and did not typically form families to raise their young, rather immediately abandoning them in the nest. Nevertheless, they met frequently for mating, a habit that ensured a higher reproductive rate than other dragons.[1]



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